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 Now that you have new sod, it is very important to take care of it so it will last. We take care to provide you
with quality preparation and installation, but you will need to make sure the sod is taken care of after it is put in

Traffic on your sod:

The first two weeks are an important time for your sod to begin to establish its root system. During this time, you should not walk on your sod. If you have pets, you should keep them off during this time as well. wait 3-4 weeks before resuming regular traffic on your new lawn.

Water is one of the most important things you can do to get your new sod established. We will provide you with recommendations when we install your sod, but as a general rule, you want to keep your sod soaked for the first 10-12 days. This may take watering 2x a day or more, depending upon conditions.  After your sod has knitted to the ground, you may resume with your regular watering schedule of every 2 - 4 days. During the winter, you should still water your sod every 3 - 4 weeks depending upon weather and exposure.

Sprinkler Watering Tips

Some lawns require more or less water, depending upon the type of grass you have. Adding or removing one minute from the watering time will change the amount of water you use by 25 percent.
Use the cycle and soak method of  watering. For each assigned day of watering, water your lawn 3 times a day, 4 minutes each watering. Schedule start times at least one hour apart.    When to water
Water between midnight and sunrise from May to October to minimize water lost to evaporation. Water during the warmer part of the day during winter months to prevent water from freezing on your landscape.

Monitor how many minutes you can run your sprinkler system before water starts to run off the property. Stop the run cycle at that point. Allow the water to be fully absorbed before beginning the next cycle.


Cutting Lawns: - gives your lawn a  professionally groomed appearance.
Lawn Edging:-
Give your lawn that sharp detailed look.
Fertilizing:- Ensures a plush full looking lawn all year long. Weeding:- Get that perfect  look to your garden or lawn. Thatching: -For a healthy crisp looking lawn
Aerating: Allow your yard to breath.


Boise is known as the City of Trees.

Cycle and soak watering

  Our parched desert ground is very hard,   making it tough for water to soak in very deep. That's why we suggest the cycle and soak method of irrigation.

Set your sprinklers to water grass:

  • 3 times a day

  • 4 minutes each watering cycle

  • 1 hour in between each watering cycle

Watering in increments gives the hard desert earth time to soak up water. Once it's absorbed water from the first round of watering, water again about an hour later. The moist soil allows water to travel even deeper, creating a healthier lawn. If you water too long in one increment, the ground reaches a saturation point and water flows into the gutter.




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